Business Divestment

Advisory Services

FinCare’s advisory team helps with you on your business Journey

If you are seeking advice on divestment, complete sale, partner buy-in, we have the strategies and knowhow to help guide you through the process.

An Accountant by your side ensures a successful completion

Sale ready

The importance of managing the path to divestment, knowing when to take that step or when to hold, shouldn’t be at the last moment decision.

Ensuring you have complete and up-to-date estate plans means that your family and friends will be taken care of after you have passed.


Target Identification & Assessment for M&A

  • Pinpoint and evaluate potential targets

Strategy Analysis for Divestment

  • Strategise around the optimal approach for divestments

Data Room or Deal Room Management

  • Data Room management from Inception to completion

Financing, Investment, and Capital Management

  • Advisory on securing financing for acquisitions and effectively allocating capital from divestments or mergers

Valuation for M&A Transactions

  • Assess the value of businesses on buy-side, sell-side, or merger party

Information Memorandum Data

  • Data collation, preparation of market-ready documents

Deal Negotiation & Finalisation

  • Manage the negotiation and completion of M&A deals, ensuring smooth transitions.

Due Diligence & Integration Planning

  • Management of in-depth due diligence of target and meticulously plan the integration post-merger

Success based focus

Having an estate plan ensures your transition of wealth and peace of mind. Simply having a will is not enough, a will is only one component of an estate plan, which needs to be constantly revised with every major change in your life.

As your accountants and Financial Planners, we already understand your financial position and can help you navigate the complexities of estate planning. We will guide you through the various options for an estate plan and help you throughout the entire process to ensure you end up with all necessary legal documents and a comprehensive and complete estate plan.


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